Urban gardening dates back to ancient Egypt when local people used their waste to farm in urban cities. It was then used after to combat food shortages. With many people living in big cities where there is no room to have your own garden, there is no rule that says you cant make the most of the space you already have.

In order to make the best of your situation, we have put together a quick guide for you. There are two key steps when undertaking urban gardening which are examining your space and choosing your growing method.

Examining your space

It is important to check the amount of sunlight the chosen area gets and the direction in which the sunlight comes from. If you have  a south facing balcony or window sill this would be the best spot to grow sun loving plants. It is also helpful to be mindful of buildings or trees that could block light during the day or buildings that reflect an unnatural amount of light.

Choosing growing method

The top growing methods we would recommend for urban gardening include:

Raised beds

If you have a decent amount of space, you can place a raised bed preferably pre-made and made from untreated wood in order to make the process simpler. These can be purchased in various heights depending on what suits your space best.


Container gardening is common lately as you can plant in just about anything. Choosing quirky containers will add some character to your space. Some materials you can use include wood, plastic, metal or terracotta.

Vertical gardening

Making use of hanging baskets or growing trails is one of the best ways to make the most of your space as your plants or fruit can grow downwards.

Balconies and rooftops

People always for get how much they can do with their balcony and rooftops. It is important to make note of winds and how sunlight travels on it during the day. If you are living in a high rise building in a windy city, this might not be best suited to you.

Impacts of urban gardening

People have started finding satisfaction in growing their own vegetables and plants as it helps their overall well being. It is also an excellent way to beautify homes and add character. 

March 06, 2022 — Chisom Onwukwe