This is a buzz word that is extremely important in our world today especially for environmental quality. Practicing sustainability improves our life quality, protects our environment and animals in it as well as preserving the world’s resources for our future generations. Sustainable gardening is also economical as it requires less upkeep and involved using recycled materials. Here are some ways you can practice sustainability in your own home :



This is a method that adds aa layer of shredded plant material on the top of the soil. This helps to improve soil health as soil traps and stores carbon It is extremely useful as it creates low maintenance and healthy gardens. It helps to regulate the temperature of the soil, prevents dry out and erosion. It can be done once you have planted something in your garden. It also helps to prevent weeds from springing up in the garden.


Planting a dry garden

This is an eco friendly idea as it features plants that do not need a lot of water to survive. These include fragrant herbs or woody plants. Although this is not exactly the type of climate we have this means that it can be best done in a sheltered area of your outdoor space.


Collect rain water

Make the most of our temperate ocean climate by repurposing or buying a large container to collect all the rain water that pours from your downpipes. This water can be used for your plants or hedges. Installing aa rain barrel is also an excellent way to collect rain water.


Mow with electrical devices

By making use of electrical garden equipment such as electric lawn mowers in order to reduce your carbon footprint. Other equipment’s that you can use include electrical blowers, trimmers and mowers.


Grow your own

This is an interesting, economic and easy way to add sustainability into your home and lifestyle. It is best to plant by season and start simple with greens such as lettuce, peas and peppers. Herbs can also be planted on windowsills and in outdoor spaces.


April 22, 2022 — Chisom Onwukwe